[30 day] day 01 - introduce yourself


wussup, i’m koko. which clearly isn’t my real name, bcuz that is lindsay. but no one is allowed to use that except mary (realvoix), cuz she’s speshul. ANYWHO, i am 16 and am currently in the 11th grade. but i am homeschooled. which means i am ~smart~, idk. i like to draw, take photos, and compose shitty music. i cuss online, but not irl, clearly. i am super sarcastic, so if i offend you, know that i didn’t mean it. that is my humor! :3 i also love to talk shit to everyone i know.
i have also lived in tennessee my whole life. it's a crappy state. ♥

i /love/ music. most kinds, except the twangy country stuff and a majority of hip-hop. i mostly like oldies, though. i c u judging me, go right ahead. o’u’o

i have a multitude of physical ailments and have super bad anxiety. ^____^

this is not super detailed bcuz i am no good at introducing myself. THIS SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH.

and /most/ of this will be public. /most/ of this.